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Seminar “Food Security of the Arctic and the North”

Date: 28 september
Time: 15:00-16:30 UTC+9

Co-organizers: Arctic State Agrotechnological University

In the modern world, there is an established tendency to substitute the traditional food with products which contain conservatives, artificial flavours, various supplements, and food colors, which negatively affect the health condition of the people living in the Arctic and North regions. Therefore, the topic of organic agriculture and growing ecologically clean products is an especially important one. The presenters will tell the audience about the products created on the basis of Arctic natural products, as well as the technologies used to grow vegetables in the permafrost conditions and freeze-dried food products with an extended expiration date as well as the peculiarities in the process of selection and line breeding in the Arctic region.

Irina DRANAEVA, Head of International and Inter-regional Cooperation, Arctic State Agrotechnological University

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