Seminar Food Safety of the Arctic Regions

Continuation of the discussions that started at the 2nd NSDF and the ASAU Spring Arctic School. The topic is of particular interest to the international community.

In the modern world, traditional food is replaced with products with preservatives, flavors, various additives and colors, which negatively affects the health of the residents of the Arctic and the North. Thus, the topic of organic farming and environmentally friendly products is the most relevant. The speakers will introduce the audience to the products made from the Arctic raw materials, the technologies for growing vegetables in the cryolithozone and freeze-dried products with a longer storage life, as well as the peculiarities of breeding in the Arctic.


  • • Konstantin Krivoshapkin, Acting Rector of ASAU;
  • • Irina Dranaeva, Head of the Department of International and Interregional Cooperation, ASATU


  • • Mikhail Y. Prisyazhny, 1st Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Friend of the University of the Arctic, Professor of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, Doctor of Geography.
  • • Stepanov Konstantin Maximovich;Professor of the Department of Food Technology and Food Industry, Agrotechnological Faculty;
  • • Pavlov Nikolai,Professor of the Department of Agronomy of the Oktyom branch of ASAU
  • • Karpova Lena,Director of Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and oceanography”;
  • • Zandanova Tuyana, Associate Professor of the Department of Food Technologies and Food Industry of ASAU;
  • • Sigute Ežerskienė, Department of Nutrition and Production Technologies of Klaipeda University;
  • • Gilmar Tavares,Professor of Federal University of Lavras (Brazilia);

Video. Seminar Food Safety of the Arctic Regions


Sep 27 2021


17:30 - 19:30


Sergelyakhskoe avenue, 3, 3km,


Arctic State Agrotechnological University