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Scientific publications

Dear forum participants, if you wish, you have the opportunity to submit an article for publication in one of the journals presented below in accordance with the scientific directions and events of the forum. The conditions and requirements for the submission and consideration of articles are determined by the editors of these journals.

Arctic XXI century. Humanities

Academic journal “Arctic XXI century. Humanities” announces the extension of the acceptance of articles in issue No. 3 (29) 2022.
Undergraduates, graduate students, teachers, researchers who are willing to publish articles on the subject of the North and the Arctic are invited to cooperate. Articles are indexed in the RSCI, published free of charge, and placed in the “Cyberleninka” scientific electronic library. Scientific articles are assigned DOI through Crossref.

The Academic Journal publishes scientific articles on topical issues of the Arctic and the North by groups of scientific specialties:

5.1. Law:
5.1.1. Theoretical and historical legal sciences;
5.1.5. International legal sciences

5.2. Economics:
5.2.5. World economy

5.5. Political science:
5.5.4. International relationships

5.6. Historical sciences
5 6.1.National history
5.6.4. Ethnology, anthropology and ethnography

5.9. Philology:
5.9.1. Russian literature and the literature of Ethnicities of Russian Federation;
5.9.5. Russian language. Languages of the peoples of Russia.

Please send the articles’ materials by e-mail:
You can see the requirements for authors on the journal website:
Journal website: