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Dear colleagues!

Предлагаем стать информационным партнером IV Международного форума «Северный форум по устойчивому развитию», который пройдет в г.Якутске Республики Саха (Якутия) с 27 по 30 сентября 2022 года.

Cooperation with the information partner includes the following bilateral obligations:

The Organizing Committee ensures:

  • Placing your logo on the Forum’s website in the Partners section;
  • Placing your logo in all promo and information materials and handouts of the Forum;
  • Placing your banner on the Forum’s website;
  • Placing your logo on the Forum’s press walls.

The information partner ensures:

  • Publishing the Forum’s announcements, press releases and news on the Partner’s information resource with mentioning and active link to the Forum’s website
  • Dissemination of information about the Forum in its information partner network;
  • Placing the event’s banner on the Partner’s website;
  • Publishing the article on the Forum’s results;
  • Presence of a correspondent at the open events within the Forum. Photo and video-shooting, text materials as part of in-person attendance.
  • Repetition of all website materials in the official social media accounts.

The Organizing Committee is open to discuss additional mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities.

For information cooperation, please get in touch with

Appendix: Information Letter and Concept of the Forum. For more information, please visit