Off-road vehicle KamAZ-6345 (Arctic-6х6)
Production of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow Polytechnic in
collaboration with KAMAZ PJSC with the support of the Russian Ministry for Education and Science, as part of the RF Government’s Decree № 218
The trial model with a truck camper is made in KAMAZ PJSC.
The engineering took into account the experience of exploitation of Russian and foreign off-road vehicles, including those created in Deputatsky and Almazny in Yakutia.
KAMAZ Science and Technology Center and Yakutia Technopark in 2020 launched the stage of development tests in Yakutia for aa period of 2 years.

Off-road vehicle «Ural-Mirny»
Development of Bauman Moscow State Technical University in collaboration with URAL Automobile Plant.
The prototype of the product is Ural-Polyarnik, produced by the Development Design Office Off-road Transport Systems together with Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2009-13 for GAZPROM.
Pilot operation of about 100 different modifications took place in 2011-13 in GAZPROM in Yamal and other regions.
In February 2014, the results of this pilot testing were presented to the northerners, including Yakutia.

6x6 Burlak amphibious all-terrain vehicle
Производство ООО «Вездеходы «Бурлак», г. Курган
Снаряженная масса 4 т
Масса при полной загрузке до 7 т
Габариты 7380х2900х3200
Height of the cabin: 1,850 mm
Грузоподъемность: – до 3 т; – на плаву до 1,5 т
Скорость: – на твердом грунте до 70 км/ч; – по воде 3-6 км/ч
Расход дизтоплива на твердых грунтах 30л./100 км
Запас хода до 2500 км
«Бурлак» это универсальное шасси, сфера его применения очень разнообразна.
Сейчас сертифицировано 13 модификаций вездехода, работа в этом направлении продолжается.

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle RUSAK K-8 / 39941

The amphibious all-terrain vehicle RUSAK is designed to provide all-weather transportation in areas with an insufficiently developed network of roads, difficult climatic conditions and extreme environmental vulnerability, in the conditions of full or partial off-road, as well as for rescue operations and emergency response.

Axle configuration 8x8
Number of seats 16…20
Carrying capacity 3000 kg
Ground vehicle weight 9600 kg
Engine type Diesel
Engine power 110 kW
Maximum speed on the ground / floating 60/6 km/h
The range of the vehicle 600…1000 km

Off-road vehicle «Aldan 8х8»
Produced by Transmash Company (Nizhny Novgorod)
The sample has been developed in collaboration with Alexeev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University
Curb weight 6,45 t
Грузоподъемность  до 3,2 т; – на плаву до 2,0 т
Число посадочных мест: – пассажирского до 16
Длина – 6300;  высота – 2720
2950 on tires 1300х700;
2500 on tires 1200х418 «Ural»
Скорость до 50 км/ч; – по воде до 5 км/ч.
The experience of previous Transmash off-road vehicles’ exploitation in Yakutia, particularly in the Aldan River Basin, has been taken into account at the vehicle’s engineering.

Скоростной электровездеход
Uncompromisingly smooth ride
Not afraid of obstacles at speed
Easy to maintain
Ultra-low ground pressure
Rides well in snow
Dimensions 2250х1200х1300
Ground clearance 300 мм
Weight 119 kg.
Battery 260 Ah, 37V, 9.6 kWh
Время зарядки – 1 час.
Запас хода – 6 часов.
Drive unit
18 electric motors with FOC vector control
Тормозная система – электрическая
Трансмиссия – прямой привод Hub
Power 22.5 kW
Скорость – 85 км/ч
Максимальная нагрузка – 180 кг

Snow and swamp-going vehicle «URANKHAI»
Designed by Smurygin A., Almazny settlement, Mirny District, SR(Y)
Maximum permissible weight 3000 kg.
Size 6100 х 2800 х 2600
Грузоподъемность: –  до 1100 кг.; – на плаву до 500 кг.
Speed by water 7-10 km/h; by swamp 10-15 km/h; by snow 20-30 km/h
Diesel consumption by swamp and snow 40-50/100 l/km
Off-road range 600 km.
Certified in 2011 in Yakutsk with the support of Technopark and NEFY Road Faculty.