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«OLONLOG CENTER» school was established in 2002. It is the first privately invested school with a talented team of teachers to bring secondary school mathematics education to the international level. The school has a total of 90 teachers and staff, a modern and comfortable building with a capacity of more than 700 students, and a summer training center.

Our school has the following features:

  • Studies elective math in textbooks from many schools.
  • English language training begins in the third term of the first grade.
  • Science, music, English and physical education sections include professional teachers.
  • Domestically produced uniforms.
  • After-school programs are organized at the suggestion of parents.
  • The school’s bus serves students in Khan-Uul, Bayangol, and Chingeltei districts to ensure their safety. Additional routes may be provided based on parent feedback
  • Multiple summer classes provide a great opportunity for students to practice in the fresh, fresh air and spend their summer vacation.


Since its establishment, Olonlog has successfully participated in national and international mathematics Olympiads. Once a year, more than 400 top competitors compete for 6 gold medals at the National Mathematical Olympiad, with Olonlog Central School winning 1-4 gold medals alone.
International Mathematical Olympiad — 3 silver and 10 bronze medals
Mongolian Mathematical Olympiad — 23 gold, 25 silver, and 40 bronze medals

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