Strategic Session of the Northern Forum Working Groups with presentation of projects

Due to a sharp change in the international situation, the Northern Forum Secretariat has developed a Concept for the organization's development in the short and medium term, aimed at adjusting the Northern Forum Development Strategy. The Concept was supported by the Regional Coordinators Committee.

There is a lot of work to be done to define the clear goals and priorities for the organization in the near future and to expand the areas of activity. The current international situation does not allow to implement full-fledged international projects between the countries and regions of the Arctic.

Interaction at the expert level is possible. At the same time, the Northern Forum working groups are formed from the member regions’ representatives, mostly employed by the state institutions and structures of regional administrations and governments, which becomes a serious obstacle to implementing international projects.

There is a need to discuss the working groups’ formation criteria. Should we form an international working group of independent experts and a traditional working group for the activities within the Russian Federation in the same area? Or should we switch only to expert working groups in all areas? How should project activities be carried out in such conditions? What projects can be most in demand in a rapidly changing environment? Should we focus on long-term or short-term projects? How to ensure sustainable funding for projects?

The working groups should play a key role in maintaining effective interregional cooperation by taking responsibility for the area-specific project activities of the Northern Forum. Clear criteria should be developed for the projects and the working groups membership, and clear coordination of the working groups’ activities should be ensured.

Currently, 13 working groups have been approved in the Northern Forum in the following areas:

Business cooperation

Health and social issues

Creative industry


Education and science

Environment and biodiversity conservation

Assessment of the quality of life of the population

Parliamentary Group

Regional adaptation to climate change




Еnergy industry

The discussion is planned as a strategic session in several stages:

General meeting with the setting of goals and objectives of the session, division into groups according to areas. Each group is joined by regional coordinators, goodwill ambassadors, specialists from the Secretariat, representatives of partner organizations.

Work in groups with the preparation of a SWOT analysis, recommendations, an algorithm of actions for each working group with clear tasks and deadlines in a presentation format.

Final session on the development of a common Action Plan for the working groups and recommendations on the project activities of the Northern Forum.


Vladimir VASILIEV, Executive Director, Northern Forum


30 Nov 2022


14:00 - 16:00


Kulakovsky St. 42, 2nd floor


Northern Sustainable Development Forum


The Northern Forum
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