Panel Discussion Northern Youth Forum Digitalization, Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship

Sustainable development of the regions of the North and the Arctic is impossible without taking into account global and macro-regional factors. Reality is changing rapidly. The North and the Arctic need to develop crosscutting digital technolo-gies and competencies to preserve their uniqueness, nature and heritage in both the physical and digital world.

In the focus of the discussion::

  • Arctic start-up expedition
  • Involving indigenous people in the innovation agenda NFT collection "Digital herd"
  • Innovations and technologies for the Arctic
  • Acceleration programs
  • Creative technologies as a tool for preserving cultural heritage


Savina ALEXEEVA, Chair, Youth Northern Forum (Yakutsk, Russia)


Ksenia KOLTUNOVA, Head of Corporate Partnerships, NTI Platform (Moscow, Russia)

Vitaly Ammosov, analyst at the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Innovation Development Fund (Yakutsk, Russia)

Sergei Vanuito, Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament of the Legislative Assembly of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Nikolai Aprosimov, Founder of the Ayana project

Lilia Bechigen, founder of the Sakhaly app (Yakutsk, Russia)

Khaivalam Vakuvagir, Representative of the Ket and Evenks of Krasnoyarsk Krai, youth leader of the indigenous peoples, creator of the Haivalam brand, winner of the All-Russian competitions in the Ethno-blogger 2020 nomination, Grand Prix Ethno-blogger of the Year 2022, member of the IT team

Raisa Ilinova, member of the "Kyndykan" team (Yakutsk, Russia)



29 Nov 2022


16:30 - 18:00


Kulakovsky St. 42, GUK NEFU

NEFU Center for Strategic Studies


Northern Sustainable Development Forum


Northern Youth Forum
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