Panel Discussion of the Project Office for Arctic Development (PORA)

The Project Office for Arctic Development faces ambitious tasks of raising the level of knowledge of the citizens of our great country about the unique and inimitable Arctic.

The areas of the Center's activities are multifaceted and extensive, just like the Arctic itself, and are related to the social, economic and environmental aspects of human life in the north of our Motherland.

An important direction is the development of ecological tourism in the protected areas of the Arctic and the development of projects to protect the rare and endangered animal or plant species in the Arctic.

The PORA event at the NSDF will focus on the topical issues of sustainable development in the Arctic.

It is planned to sign an agreement between the Project Office for Arctic Development and the Northern Forum


  • Vorotnikov Alexander Mikhailovich, Associate Professor, Public Administration and Public Policy Chair, ISS RANEPA; Coordinator, Expert Council of the Project Office for Arctic Development; Assistant to the Member of the Council of Federation; Candidate of Chemistry, PhD


  • Polina Dmitrievna Cheplyaeva Environmental specialist PORA
  • Olesya Bogdanovna Kuzhel manager of regional projects, ANO "EC PORA"
  • Alexander Ivanovich Stotsky General Director of ANO "EC PORA"
  • Pavel Viktorovich SukhovDeputy General Director for Information Policy, ANO "EC PORA"
  • Elena Veniaminovna Koreneva Deputy General Director for Project Activities, ANO "EC PORA"
  • Yulia Viktorovna Nikitina PR-manager of ANO "EC PORA"
  • Nikanorov Sergey Mikhailovich Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Director of the Center for Research on Economic Problems of the Development of the Arctic, Moscow State University, expert of the PORA Expert Center (Project Office for the Development of the Arctic).

Video. Panel Discussion of the Project Office for Arctic Development (PORA)


27 Sep 2021


15:00 - 17:00





Arctic Development Project Office

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