Roundtable “Innovative Technologies for the Arctic Zone"

In the focus of the discussion:

  • Major directions of scientific and technological development of the Arctic
  • Technologies and equipment for the Arctic
  • Sustainable development of the Russian Arctic and innovations in the fuel and energy sector
  • Innovations of the Russian oil and gas processing.
  • Development of import-substituting domestic technologies in the oil and gas industry.
  • Combined technological solutions.
  • Adaptation of technologies and production processes to the Arctic climate.
  • Issues of decarbonisation in the Arctic.
  • Fuel of the future for the Arctic.


Tamara MORDASOVA, Executive Director, Arctic: Sustainable Development 8th International Confer-ence, Publisher of Regional Energy and Energy Saving Information and Analytical Magazine


Vyacheslav EMELYANOV, Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the Sakha Republic (Yaku-tia) – welcome address and discussions
Anatoly SEMYONOV, Minister of Innovation, Digital Development and IT of the Sakha Republic (Yaku-tia) – welcome address and discussions
Dzhulustan KHON, First Deputy Minister of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - welcome address and discussions
Dmitry GAVRILIEV, Deputy Head, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Construction of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - welcome address and discussions
Igor BORISOV, Chief Specialist, Department of Structural Transformations, Ministry of Econo-my of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - welcome address and discussions
Vladislav TEREKHOV, Director General, Svetocultura Research and Production Centre.
Saidam STEPANOV, First Deputy Director General, Yakutopttorg JSC. Improving Food Security System in the Arctic Districts of the Sakha Republic (Yaku-tia) – in person
Vera MYASOEDOVA, Chemistry Doctor, Professor, Expert, Russian Academy of Sciences, Academi-cian, Russian Engineering Academy, Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Senior Researcher, Federal Research Centre for Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Dmitry BORISANOV, Head, Slavneft-YaNOS PJSC Laboratory Non-Freezing Diesel Fuel for the Arctic Zone – in person
Maria YURKINAHead, East-West Alliance of Companies, Director, Russian All-Terrain Society As-sociation Multifunctional All-Terrain Vehicles as A Promising Direction for the Development and Exploration of the Arctic Latitudes – in person
Mikhail SMIRNOV, President, Energy Innovation Association Efficient Piston Generation in Remote Areas as Means of Saving Fossil Fuels and Reducing Carbon Footprint - online
Sergey SNEGUROV, Leading Engineer, Laboratory of Physical Gas Dynamics, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute; and Viktor KUZNETSOV, Physics and Mathematics Doctor, Deputy Head, Department of Plasma Physics, Atomic Physics and Astrophysics, Physical-Technical Institute Autonomous, Environmentally Neutral, Highly Efficient Power Plants Based on an Engine with External Heat Supply (Stirling Engine) – in person
Mikhail RUMYANTSEV, Head, Department of Electrotechnical Complexes of Autonomous Objects and Electric Transport, NRI Moscow Energy Institute, Technology Candidate, Associ-ate Professor – online
Alexander PETROVSKY, Project Manager, TRINITI JSC Russian State Scientific Centre Perspective Developments of TRINITI JSC Russian State Scientific Centre - online
Maxim SAVITENKO, Founder, SK Group Companies Prospects for Using H2 with Organic Fuel in Isolated and Hard-to-Reach Areas - in person
Ilya LICHADEYEV, Lead Project Engineer, Thermal and Wind Technologies LLC TERUS Wind Power Plant - online



29 Nov 2022


14:00 - 16:00


NEFU GUK, 350 Office
Kulakovsky St. 42


Northern Sustainable Development Forum



Interregional Scientific, Technological, Business and Educational Partnership “Sustainable Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation”

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