Webinar Role and Potential of Arctic Regions to Support and Implement the 30X30 Goal with Support of Tourism

Two international networks, Campaign for Nature and Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C), have launched an initiative focusing on nature tourism in promoting and supporting a new ambitious protected areas goal.

Nature-based tourism is the fastest growing element of tourism; it often includes tours to national parks and conservation areas in the developing countries, where a significant portion of the world's biodiversity is concentrated. COVID-19 resulted in the abrupt halt in nature tourism around the world, especially in the Global South, marked by travel restrictions, lockdowns and closures of protected areas. When tourism stops, the benefits of conservation, both to wildlife and local communities, stop in many countries. The current COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated vulnerability due to the overdependence of conservation economies in biodiversity-rich countries on unsustainable forms of tourism, with severe impacts on economies, employment, human livelihoods and conservation.

Considering the significant benefits that the anticipated future 30 × 30 protected area network could potentially bring to the tourism sector and vice versa, as well as address the funding challenges.

The webinar plans to discuss the following issues:

  • • Support and promotion of the 30 × 30 project in the general public and specific target groups.
  • • Payment of 1% of annual income to the existing Landscape Fund or establishment of new funds to improve financial stability of the existing and new protected areas, crucial for biodiversity preservation and climate change adaptation.
  • • Implementation of binding protocols for nature tourism in and around the protected areas, ensuring increased resilience of all related activities and operations in order to achieve tourism-supporting forms of conservation
  • • Launch at least 10 tourism-related pilot investment impact schemes in and around protected areas to expand biodiversity and social impact for increased contributions to the different SDGs
  • • Voice the sector’s needs and expectations from other stakeholders to fulfill these obligations.

Besides relevant players in the nature tourism sector with strong networks and associations, partners in this initiative may include public development banks, CBD parties that represent the key markets or destinations for nature tourism, international NGOs, LT&C, IUCN-TAPAS and PANORAMA, private or institutional investors, charities and international organizations.


  • • Peter Prokosch, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)
  • Vladimir VASILYEV, Executive Director of the Northern Forum


  • • Oliver Hillel, UNEP Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat Program Coordinator (Canada)
  • • Georg Schwede, European Representative of the Campaign for Nature International Network (Germany)
  • • Sergey Rybakov, General Director of the Vyacheslav Fetisov Foundation (Moscow)
  • • Andrey Maksimov, Member of the Russian Geographical Society, Co-founder of the NGO ROSIP (Chukotka). Photographer, participant and winner of international and regional photography contests. Cinematographer and documentary producer. Co-founder of the educational tourism club VKUZtrip for the Russian-speaking audience and Nature Heritage Travel (Russia)
  • • Ksenia Nosova, Curator of educational, cultural projects and academic exchange (including on the topic of nature protected areas) in the countries of the former USSR, Owner of a private travel agency Xenostours (Germany), co-founder of Nature Heritage Travel (Russia)
  • • Elise Allely-Fermeb Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Youth and Wetlands Youth Network
  • • Natalia Malygina, Ural Federal University
  • • Tom Barry, Executive Secretary of the Arctic Council Working Group on the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
  • • Elena Khamenkova, Magadan University

Video. Webinar Role and Potential of Arctic Regions to Support and Implement the 30X30 Goal with Support of Tourism


28 - 29 Sep 2021


22:00 - 12:00




Northern Sustainable Development Forum


Linking Tourism & Conservation (Norway)
Campaign for Nature
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