Automobile Transport and Off-road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles and gyroplane

Convertible car frame SHKG101
Production of special design bureau «Gazstroymashina» (Moscow)
Trial models produced by Universalmash Plant
Kirov Plant JSC
Convertible car frame SHKG101 is designed mount different equipment up to 10 t and transport it by all types of roads and terrain:
– на колесах по дорогам общего пользования;
– на съемных резинометаллических гусеницах шириной 900мм по бездорожью.
One of the samples with a welding and power unit AEP102.

Aerosleigh-amphibia «Nerpa-10»
Производство ООО “Завод Инновационного Транспорта” (г. Кемерово)
The partnership has been developing since 2015 under the initiative of Leontiev A. from Bulun District of Yakutia. Since 2017 the use at preparing ice bridges has been considered.
Three Nerpa vehicles are used in Yakutia, including Nerpa-650 since 2016 in ALROSA Udachny Unit. In 2020, Zhatai Shipyard JSC started cooperation to prepare the assembling of extremely cold modifications of Nerpa-10 in its facilities.

Autogyro Kalidus 912
Gyroplane of AutoGyro GmbH (Germany) of serial production AutoGyro Russland LLC (Moscow) at Voskresensk Aviation Center (Moscow Oblast)
Скорости 30 – 190 км/ч
Ceiling up to 3500 m
Duration> 4 hours
Two-seat closed cockpit with pilot training equipment
Range up to 700 km
Consumption 14 (AI-95 gasoline) l / h
Fuel capacity up to 100 liters.
G. Amirkhanov from Yakutia, a graduate of 2018, the only school of autogyro pilots in the Russian Federation in Voskresensk

Wheeled off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicle KamAZ-6345 (Arctic-6х6)
Production of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow Polytechnic in
collaboration with KAMAZ PJSC with the support of the Russian Ministry for Education and Science, as part of the RF Government’s Decree № 218
The trial model with a truck camper is made in KAMAZ PJSC.
The engineering took into account the experience of exploitation of Russian and foreign off-road vehicles, including those created in Deputatsky and Almazny in Yakutia.
KAMAZ Science and Technology Center and Yakutia Technopark in 2020 launched the stage of development tests in Yakutia for aa period of 2 years.

Off-road vehicle «Ural-Mirny»
Development of Bauman Moscow State Technical University in collaboration with URAL Automobile Plant.
The prototype of the product is Ural-Polyarnik, produced by the Development Design Office Off-road Transport Systems together with Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2009-13 for GAZPROM.
Pilot operation of about 100 different modifications took place in 2011-13 in GAZPROM in Yamal and other regions.
In February 2014, the results of this pilot testing were presented to the northerners, including Yakutia.

6x6 Burlak amphibious all-terrain vehicle
Designed by Makarov Off-road Vehicles, Ekaterinburg
Curb weight: 4 t Weight when vehicle is fully loaded: up to 7 t
Dimensions: 7,380 х 2,900 х 3,200 mm Height of the cabin: 1,850 mm
Грузоподъемность: –  до 3 т; – на плаву до 1,5 т
Скорость: – на твердом грунте до 70 км/ч; – по  воде 3-6 км/ч;
Diesel fuel consumption on solid ground: 30 l/100 km
Cruising range: up to 2,500 km
Since January 2020, the expedition modification has been used in the Bulunsky District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Off-road vehicle «Aldan 8х8»
Produced by Transmash Company (Nizhny Novgorod)
The sample has been developed in collaboration with Alexeev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University
Curb weight 6,45 t
Грузоподъемность  до 3,2 т; – на плаву до 2,0 т
Число посадочных мест: – пассажирского до 16
Длина – 6300;  высота – 2720
2950 on tires 1300х700;
2500 on tires 1200х418 «Ural»
Скорость до 50 км/ч; – по воде до 5 км/ч.
The experience of previous Transmash off-road vehicles’ exploitation in Yakutia, particularly in the Aldan River Basin, has been taken into account at the vehicle’s engineering.

Snow and swamp-going vehicle «Ust-Yanets 4х4»
Designer Amirkhanov G., Deputatsky settlement, Ust-Yana District, SR(Y)
Constructive weight 5000 kg.
Size 7200х2900х2700
Грузоподъемность –  до 1500 кг;   – на плаву 800 кг
Maximum designed speed 60 km/h; by water 8-10 km/h Off-road diesel consumption 60/100 l/km
Off-road range 1000 km
Certified in 2011 in Yakutsk with the support of Technopark and NEFY Road Faculty.
6х6 modification created in 2019.

Snow and swamp-going vehicle «URANKHAI»
Designed by Smurygin A., Almazny settlement, Mirny District, SR(Y)
Maximum permissible weight 3000 kg.
Size 6100 х 2800 х 2600
Грузоподъемность: –  до 1100 кг.; – на плаву до 500 кг.
Speed by water 7-10 km/h; by swamp 10-15 km/h; by snow 20-30 km/h
Diesel consumption by swamp and snow 40-50/100 l/km
Off-road range 600 km.
Certified in 2011 in Yakutsk with the support of Technopark and NEFY Road Faculty.

Automobile Transport

Road-train TONAR-45252

Production of Tonar Plant for ALROSA

The village of Gubino, Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of Moscow Oblast
The road-train with a lifting capacity of 130 t consists of a TONAR-45252 truck tractor and an articulated (tandem) dump semitrailer TONAR-95405
Full mass of the road train 63 t
Weight of the equipped tractor 18 t
The total volume of two bodies of an articulated semi-trailer is 70 cubic meters
Road-train dimensions 26900 x 3900 x 4200
Since October 2016 is has been operated at the Udachny mining and processing integrated plant of ALROSA

Bus PAZ-320414-14 (Vector CNG) CNG

Size 8800х2410х2880
Number of seats 19+1 disabled.
Полная вместимость: – 56 (1 инв.); – 64 (0 инв.)
Maximum laden weight 11500
Unladen weight 7350
Total capacity of bulbs of compressed methane 558 l
Number of bulbs 9
Запас хода  до 600 км.

В Якутске 38 автобусов в «северной» комплектации, согласованной с местными перевозчиками: – 18 автобусов с августа 2018 г.; – 20 автобусов с сентября 2019 г.

School bus KAvZ 4238-75 CNG CNG

Size 10030х2500х3110
Number of seats 34 (32+2 companions)
Maximum laden weight 126000
Unladen weight 9350
Total capacity of bulbs for compressed methane 615 l
Number of bulbs 5
Range up to 450 km.
In Yakutsk there are 8 buses of “northern” specifications with air conditioners, coordinated with the local carriers, since September 2019.

Bus LiAZ-529267 CNG CNG 

Number of seats 28+1disabled.
Полная вместимость: – 108 (1 инв.); – 114 (0 инв.)
Total laden weight 18000
Unladen weight 10500
Total capacity of bulbs for compressed methane 900 l
Number of bulbs 9
Range up to 450 km.
In Yakutsk there is 1 bus of “northern” specifications with air conditioners, coordinated with the local carriers, since September 2019

Bus LiAZ-525662  

Size 11400х2500х3310
Number of seats 44
Rated capacity 66
Total laden weight 16700
Unladen weight 11300
Capacity of diesel tank 238 l
Range up to 800 km
In Yakutsk there is 1 bus of “northern” specifications with air conditioners, coordinated with the local carriers, since September 2019