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Сессия портала arctic.ru “Информационная война в Арктике”

Date: 30 september
Time: 17:00-18:00 UTC+9

Co-organizers: Russia Today International Information Agency

Arctic.ru is a special project of MIA "Russia Today", it is the only informational project at the federal level dedicated to the Russian presence in the Arctic.
Politicians around the world unanimously declare that the Arctic should remain a region of low tension, but news reports suggest otherwise. Every day in the North, more and more military exercises are held and various conflicts arise. As NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently said in an interview: "The paradox of the Arctic is that you have a tradition of cooperation, you try to work together to reduce tensions, but you know that under the ice lies one of the most dangerous weapons in the world." The meeting participants will discuss how to avoid a new cold war in the region and whether an information war is already underway in the Arctic. During the event, the results of an analytical study will also be presented on what topics the largest media of the circumpolar countries write about the Arctic and about Russia's presence in the region.

Yulia ATANOVA, ARCTIC.RU Project Manager

1.       Разведчик Безруков – политолог
2.       Маслов  А.А. – политолог
3.       Крутиков А.В. зам. миндальвостокразвития
4.       Тим Андерсон, Баренц-пресс
5.       Посол Финляндии В России
6.       Корчунов Н.В. – МИД
7.       Посол России в США (возможно будет видеокомментарий)
8.       Лукьянов Ф.А. – политолог

Видеотрансляция. Информационная война в Арктике