PORA will hold two Northern Forum events

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PORA will hold two Northern Forum events

Project Office for Arctic Development will organize two round tables within the framework of the III Northern Forum on Sustainable Development, which will be held in a hybrid format, uniting Yakutsk with other Arctic cities of Russia and abroad. For accreditation and links, please contact contact@porarctic.ru.

  1. Panel Discussion of the Project Office for Arctic Development (PORA)

27 September, 15:00-17:00 (Yakutsk time, UTC+9), online

Moderator - Alexander Vorotnikov, cand. chemist. Science, PhD, Deputy Director-General for Work with Experts EC PORA, Coordinator of the Expert Council PORA, PPP Expert, Associate Professor SSI RANEPA

The Arctic Development Project Office (Expert Center «PORA») was opened at the end of 2017 to support development projects of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (RAZ) and is a common Russian platform for communication of state, public and commercial organizations, interested in the sustainable development of the Arctic. Expert center «PORA» was created for drawing attention to social, economic and ecological aspects of human activity in the North of Russia.

It has agreements on cooperation with a number of scientific and educational institutions, as well as with the administrative entities of the Russian Federation and the authorities: the Chukchi Autonomous Okrug, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic and the Ministry for the Development of the Arctic of the Republic Sakha, Arctic Affairs Committee of the Government of Saint Petersburg, North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov (Yakutia), the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk), the Russian State Social University (Moscow), the North-Western Institute of Management of RANEPA (SP) and many others.

PORA`s units opened in Saint Petersburg (Information and Analytical Center) and in Murmansk (Laboratory of Sustainable Development) in 2019. There is also a children’s center «White Bear» and a detached unit in Norilsk, public representatives of PORA are in other regions of RAZ. Site of the center: www.porarctic.ru

Сайт центра: www.porarctic.ru

Presentations in the program:

Polina Cheplyaeva, ecologist PORA

"The Unguent Permafrost: A PORA Project on the Problem of Permafrost Plants in the Arctic"

Alexander Vorotnikov

Expert activity PORA. Expert Council and Discussion Club PORA

Olesya Kujel, manager of regional projects of ANO "EC PORA"

Educational Centre "White Bear" and the role of eco-education in environmental projects PORA

Alexander Stotskiy, CEO of ANO "EC PORA"

Grant programme: support for environmental, social and innovative projects

Pavel Sukhov, Deputy Director General for Information Policy, ANO "EC PORA", c.p.s., Assistant Professor, RANEPA

"Information support for the activities of the expert centre: media communication channels, possibilities and limitations, effectiveness evaluation"

Elena Koreneva, Deputy Director General for Project Activities, ANO "EC PORA"

Environmental projects in the Arctic: "Plastics in Business", "Ecological Yard"

"The Theory of Small Cases" as a tool for developing environmental identity

Nikitina Julia, PR manager of ANO "EC PORA"

Digital tools in social projects for indigenous peoples of the North (for example, "Arctic Diet" and "Arctic Guardians" "Arctic Projects ELN "EC PORA")

Sergey Nikonorov, Expert on Sustainable Development of EC PORA, Professor of the Faculty of Economics of MSU

Sustainable Development Ratings "Polar Index"

  1. Round table "Russian Arctic - Territory of ESG-transformation" 28 September, 15:00-17:00 (Yakutsk time, UTC+9), online

28 сентября, 15:00-17:00 (время Якутска, UTC+9) , онлайн

Moderator - Alexander Vorotnikov, cand. chemist. Science, PhD, Deputy Director General for Work with EC Experts PORA, Coordinator of the Expert Council PORA, PPP Expert, Associate Professor of SSI RANERA

The Arctic region is most affected by the strategies of some 50 of the largest institutional investors, who are members of the International Responsible Investment Association (PRI). They all take the same approach to ESG (ecology, social responsibility, management). Adhering to ESG standards has no alternative to financing large projects, although it dictates the use of certain technologies. Panellists will discuss the challenges and prospects of ESG in the Russian Arctic.

Invited to participate:

Yana Krukhmaleva - a member of the global international risk management community, an expert on ESG transformation

Vladimir Masloboev – d.t.s., Institute of Industrial Ecology Problems of the North Federal Research Centre «Kola Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (Apatiti, Murmansk Oblast)

Alexey Fadeev – d.e.s. Senior Research Fellow of Institute of Economics problems named after G.P. Luzin, Professor at the Higher School of Management and Business of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Peter the Great,

Sergey Nikanorov – d.e.s. Professor of Environmental Economics Faculty of Economics MSU, Director, Director of Centre for Research on the Economics of Arctic Development MSU

Ilya Stepanov - Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Climate Change Economics, HSE University

Ksenia Temnikova – c.e.s., expert on ESG-strategy, Deputy Director General for Strategy and Development in LLC "Professional Consulting ISM", Assistant Professor of Department "Information Security" of Faculty of Information Technology of Moscow Polytechnic University

Evgeny Khilinsky - Head of the Center for Implementation of Principles of Sustainable Development of Gazprombank and others.

The Northern Sustainable Development Forum discusses opportunities and challenges for sustainable development and socio-economic and ethnocultural development of northern regions by experts from eight circumpolar countries (Russia, Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland), as well as North-East Asian countries (primarily China, Japan and the Republic of Korea). The Forum will organize inter-country dialogues on the Arctic agenda to identify priority and promising areas for cooperation. More information and registration - www.nsdf.ruwebsite. To attend off-line media forum events, you need to be accredited to https://nsdf.ru/media/.