PARLIAMENTARY SESSION “Climate change: Legal Framework for Adaptation Measures in Sustainable Development”

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PARLIAMENTARY SESSION “Climate change: Legal Framework for Adaptation Measures in Sustainable Development”

«Изменение климата: законодательные основы адаптационных мер в устойчивом развитии»

Якутск, Республика Саха (Якутия), Российская Федерация
28 сентября 2021 года



The Northern Forum is a modern platform for interregional professional interaction on sustainable development of the world’s circumpolar regions. The Forum is an observer in the Arctic Council.

Parliamentary Session (hereinafter referred to as the session) is held for the second time at the site of the International Organization of Northern Regions “Northern Forum” within the framework of the III International Sustainable Development Forum that serves as a discussion platform for representatives of the legislative authorities of the Russian Arctic and northern regions, foreign countries, and expert communities.

Online format. The parliamentary session will be held online due to the the risks of the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 outbreak.


  • International Organization of Northern Regions The Northern Forum;
  • State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation;
  • Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation;

Session’s Goals:expanding the cooperation between the legislative (representative) bodies of the members regions within the international organization “Northern Forum”, Arctic entities, the world’s circumpolar regions in order to improve the legal framework for sustainable development of the North and the Arctic; improving national and regional Arctic legislation based on the use of the possibilities of parliamentary diplomacy, experience share, and problem analysis; supporting the best initiatives and practices of regional legislators.

Session’s objective: discussion of topical issues on the climate and environmental agenda, modern challenges and the development of proposals for improving the national legislation of the Russian Federation in connection with the acceleration of climate change in all ecosystems in general, primarily in the northern regions: sharp warming, aridity, forest fires, floods , melting permafrost, etc. To protect people, cities and villages from natural disasters, an integrated legislative approach is needed to develop adaptation measures for sustainable development.

At the parliamentary session, the following aspects will be considered: the impact of global climate change on ecosystems;

regulation of forest relations (protecting forests from fires and firefighting, in particular), including defining approaches to delineating powers in forest relations and financing costs associated with the implementation of these powers;

the degradation of permafrost due to climate change;

the impact of climate change on the socio-economic development of the territories.

The Program of the Parliamentary Session includes speeches (up to 5 minutes), expert proposals (up to 3 minutes), discussion and adoption of the final document (resolution).

We invite to participate:legislative (representative) bodies of Arctic countries, regions’ representatives participating in the “Northern Forum”, representatives from the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, international organizations, experts, and stakeholders.

Resolution: based on the Session’s results, the final document of the Parliamentary Session will be adopted for inclusion to the NSDF-2021 Resolution; the final document will be sent to the “Northern Forum” and to legislative bodies of the participating regions.

To participate in the Parliamentary Session, we would like to ask you to send confirmation of your participation to the e-mail address of the Working Group for the preparation of the Parliamentary Session: You should indicate the topic of your report (speech) as well as register on the Forum’s website

Submission deadline: September 20, 2021

Submission deadline for any proposals for the Session’s final document, reports, and presentations (required for translation); September 24, 2021.

Working Languages: Russian, English.

Detailed information about the Forum, the procedure and the conditions of participation can be found on the website:

Registration deadline on the Forum website: September September 20, 2021


Working Group Contacts: Viktor Nikolaevich Gubarev, Deputy Chairman State Assembly (Il Tumen) Sakha Republic (Yakutia) +7 (4112) 43-55-00

Olga Fedorovna Timofeeva-Tereshkina, Assistant First Vice-Chairman State Assembly (Il Tumen) Sakha Republic (Yakutia) +7 (999) 173 39 13