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Webinar "Creating links between tourism and protected areas in the arctic". How to create and stimulate more examples of positive impact of tourism on environmental protection in the Arctic?

Date: 29 september
Time: 20:00-22:00 UTC+9

Co-organizers: Linking Tourism & Conservation, Norway

Climate change, which is especially evident in the Arctic, is attracting more and more attention due to the opening opportunities for the development of hydrocarbon raw materials, the development of transport infrastructure, and tourism. At the same time, the anthropogenic effect on the fragile natural ecosystems of the Arctic is increasing, which causes concern for the world community. In recent years, the Arctic countries and regions have been actively developing a system of specially protected natural areas. This process is taking place at a particularly fast pace in the Russian Arctic, where new protected areas are being created, but the status of a number of existing reserves is also being improved.

Realizing the significant attractiveness of tourism for economic development, and at the same time, taking into account the vulnerability of the northern nature, the countries and regions of the Arctic are considering the possibilities of developing tourism in specially protected natural areas, which will minimize damage to natural ecosystems, regulate the flow of tourists, ensuring their interests as much as possible, and economic benefits and preservation of the environment.

Peter PROKOSCH , Founder and Chairman of the Board, Linking Tourism & Conservation, Norway
Vladimir VASILEV , Executive Director of the Northern Forum

Creating links between tourism and protected areas in the arctic