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Roundtable “Business Cooperation in the Arctic”

Date: 29 september
Time: 17:00-19:00 UTC+9

Co-organizers: Northern Forum, Lapland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The need to establish effective interaction between business communities, authorities and public institutions of different regions and countries to ensure sustainable development is becoming especially relevant in the light of the unprecedented measures to fight against the new coronavirus pandemic, which has had a serious impact on entire sectors of the economy. An active exchange of views, successful practices, experience, development of new forms and methods of supporting business activity will help minimize the consequences of the crisis, stabilize the situation and expand international and inter-regional business cooperation. The systematic development of the Arctic region requires the implementation of investment projects, and this can be achieved through ensuring interaction between business, society and government. This interaction should be aimed at creating an infrastructure to support the implementation of investment projects - engineering infrastructure, developmental institutions. Finding areas of common interests of business, society and government will make it possible to implement joint systematic programs aimed at the development of the Arctic region and northern territories and distribute "zones of responsibility" to maximize the effect when they are jointly implemented.

Timo RAUTAJOKI, President, Lapland Chamber of Commerce
Vladimir VASILEV, Acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum

Business Cooperation in the Arctic